Toby Hulse is an audio director and sound designer with over a decade of experience on AAA video games, mobile video games, feature films, TV shows and commercials, and nearly two decades in music composition, performance and recording.


Deep experience with numerous video game engines (Unity, Frostbite2 and Unreal) and middleware tools (Wwise, Fabric and FMOD) and passionate about creating a cohesive end-to-end audio experience.


A strong musical background gives Toby a fresh perspective on audio design, building soundtracks focused on emotion, mood, dynamics and space while seamlessly weaving together both music and sound design.


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Gears of War 5 - Microsoft / The Coalition (Contract via Lionshead Ent.)

Music Implementation / Cinematics Localization and Mixing
I was brought on board as a contractor to help the audio team with the final stages of production. Duties included, music implementation and polish using Unreal and Wwise. Cinematics localization and mixing for 52 scenes in 8 languages. Output in Atmos surround.

Blackbird Interactive (Contract via Lionshead Ent.)

Pre-production - Audio Vision and Scoping / Sound Design for VS
I was hired to create an audio vision for a new, unannounced RTS title. I created design docs, scoped the work and head count required and presented the new vision to the production leads along with a mock-up video example with the proposed audio treatment. This proposal won the contract for Lionshead Ent. and I have been helping with additional sound design on a part time basis since. Implementation with a custom game engine using FMOD as the audio middleware.

XIII (Ubisoft Remaster) - Play Magic / Madwave Audio (Contract)

Sound Design / Mastering
Helping a small, LA based audio team re-create the audio for a newly remastered version of the classic game XIII. Music and dialogue remastering. All new sound design. Implementation using Unity and FMOD.

Gasket Games (Contract via Interleave Interactive)

Music Sourcing / Production / Implementation / Sound Design
I was hired to help with the audio vision and treatment for a new, announced RTS game and complete a Vertical Slice build for the developer. Implementation using Unreal and Wwise.


Disney Games & Interactive Experiences

Audio Director / Senior Sound Designer / Music Composer

Audio Director from pre-production to release for mobile / desktop MMO, Club Penguin Island.

Audio Lead, Star Wars, Choose Your Destiny, Han & Chewie audiobook for Amazon Alexa.

Audio Director, Star Wars Lego FPS (prototype).

Audio Director, Wildlands (prototype).

Audio Lead, Disney Jr. Appisodes.

Audio Lead, Disney Interactive Internal Marketing.

Audio Lead, Puffle Wild, Sled Racer, Sound Studio and other smaller mobile game apps.

Audio direction, design and rebranding the audio vision for online based MMO and mobile port of Club Penguin Classic.

Engines and middleware tools used: Unity, Wwise, Fabric, Flash.


Design Canada - Film First Co.

Supervising Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer / Dialogue Editor
Feature-length documentary about Canadian graphic design in the 60s and 70s. I handled the dialogue edit of over 30 different interior/exterior locations that required deep filtering and noise reduction to bring to life. Mixed in 5.1 surround for theatres and remastered for broadcast.


Mission To Mars (VR) - Mental UAE

Audio Director / Sound Designer / ImplementorUsing the Unreal Engine with Wwise, my purpose - built audio team created a highly immersive, surround sound experience of being on board a spaceship, encountering a meteor attack, exiting the craft for a spacewalk, landing on Mars, walking the surface of mars taking rock samples and growing plants in a lab. A full score accompanied the experience along with localized dialogue in English and Arabic.


Mining Your Future / Job Hunters - REPclips Media Inc.

Supervising Sound Editor / Music Supervisor / Mixer
Audio supervision, editing and design for Canadian reality shows Mining Your Future and Job Hunters. Tasks included dialogue editing, SFX design and editing, music selection and editing, final mix and delivery.

United Front Games - Sleeping Dogs

Cinematics Audio Designer / Editor / Mixer
Created film quality 5.1 surround audio for 180 cinematic scenes totalling over two hours of footage. Tasks included dialogue editing and recording, foley editing and recording, SFX design and editing, ambiance editing, music selection and editing, 5.1 mixing and in-game implementation using Wwise. Also worked on many in-game assets including world ambiance, collisions, foley and various fighting SFX to ensure continuity between cinematics and gameplay.


Electronic Arts - Need For Speed: The Run

Audio Artist
Designed and implemented all audio for the collision system including vehicle collisions all collidable objects. Specific sound design for various interactive moments including explosions, destruction debris and SFX emitters. Audio for moving props within the world including trains, helicopters, various airplanes. All in-game ambiance from city to forest to car garages.

United Front Games - True Crime: Hong Kong

Sound Designer

Designed and implemented the ambience system. Recreating the island of Hong Kong, there were plenty of environments to cover: the chaos of a busy night market, tropical jungles in the hills surrounding the city, busy dockyards, miles of the waterfront areas or inside a night club or restaurant. Other tasks included fighting SFX, impact sounds and foley as well as working on the user interface and mini-game audio. All implementation with Wwise.


United Front Games - Modnation Racers

Sound Designer
User Interface audio design. The game allows for limitless customization therefore the menu system is enormous. Also designed the player / CPU driver voices which entailed recording (in some cases my own voice), editing, processing and implementation. All implementation with Wwise.


Freelance Audio Director, Sound Designer, Editor & Composer

For almost two decades I have worked on a variety of projects from video games, marketing ads, feature films, short films to music projects producing and recording artists. Services include: Audio direction and design, mixing and mastering, editing, musical composition and production.



Diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media

Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, BC
Graduated with Honours. Scholarship winner.
Intense one year program focused on post production for film, TV and video games. Editor for dialogue, sound effects, foley, special effects, and background ambiences. Mixed numerous projects in varying formats from Stereo, LtRt, LCRS and specialized in 5.1 Surround mixing.


Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny
Top 10 Alexa Skills 2019

Club Penguin Island

Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) Award Finalist – Best Music in a Casual / Social Game


Sleeping Dogs

IGN Winner – Best PS3 Sound


Need For Speed: The Run

MPSE Winner – Best Sound Editing: Computer Interactive Entertainment

AIAS Nomination – Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

Canadian Videogame Awards Nomination – Best Audio


Waves: Sound Design Competition

Winner (chosen out of over 300 international entries)


Avid Pro Tools


Steinberg Nuendo

Steinberg Cubase

Steinberg Wavelab

Sony Sound Forge




Frostbite 2






Adobe Flash

Adobe Premiere

Mastering for all mediums

Surround Sound Editing / Mixing
Field Recording

Live Sound




Problem Solving Mathematics Troubleshooting
Detail Oriented
Critical Thinking
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